2019 Welcome Letter

June 26, 2019

Coller Society friends-

The local arrangements committee (Erica Campagnaro and Ken Woodside, Jackie and Rick Pomerantz and Barb and myself) want to make sure you have information on the upcoming Coller Society meeting-


One important update before the details regarding the meeting -  Justin Dimick has been chosen to be the Chair of the Department of Surgery at UM, and the Frederick A. Coller Distinguished Professor of Surgery.  This was a spectacular choice.  Justin is, importantly, a very nice person, and a well-rounded and very prominent academic surgeon.  I know from many personal conversations that he has a strong interest in supporting the Coller Society.

As you may remember this year we are trying a new format, with academic presentations and mentoring activities on Friday and Saturday morning.  This will be followed by UM football on Saturday (UM v Rutgers, time TBA).  The program committee is currently working on the specific agenda.

As per the council’s direction, there will be no welcoming reception Thursday night, in order to save money and potentially turn the meeting into a two, rather than three-day event.  Friday night we have planned a dinner which will definitely satisfy everyone’s interest in connecting and socializing.

The academic presentations will be in a spectacular venue, the new Ross School of Business, which is in the middle of campus.  Mac, Rick Pomerantz and I toured the facilities recently, and were overwhelmed by the design and resources available (incidentally because we are a UM group these facilities are offered at no charge to us, except for AV services.)

We will have a spouse’s program on Friday, which will include a presentation at the planetarium, and also an opportunity to tour the brand new Museum of Natural History.

The Council meeting will be held Thursday evening at 5pm as it stands now-more details to follow depending on Council member’s availability Thursday night.

We have reserved a block of hotel rooms at The Kensington Hotel, 2500 South State Street, Ann Arbor.  $139 for Thursday night; $239 a night for Friday and Saturday. The Friday & Saturday night stay are both required due to it being a football weekend. Room block is available until August 26, 2019. Reservations: 734-761-7800, block under Coller Society. Please make sure you are aware of the reservation requirements.

For those who wish to feel younger, and be closer to the Ross site (actually IN the Ross site) there is an opportunity to reserve a room in the Ross Executive Suite.  Our group took a look at these rooms also-they are clean and modern, but a bit smaller than the usual hotel offering.  Room rates and requirements are similar to the Kensington Hotel. Parking is off-site and is an additional $29 per day. We have reserved a block of 10 rooms at Ross and reservations must be made by August 27.  Reservations: 734-764-7677, room block listed under Coller Society.

In summary, this program pulls together the important elements agreed upon by previous council deliberations.  Most importantly, we need to connect with younger potential Coller members, demonstrate to them what a great group we have, and the value being a part of it brings to the younger surgeon. We hope this will translate into increased membership, one of our primary goals.  But we can have a lot of fun while doing it.  And, importantly, we can get back to a more sustainable financial model.

The meeting is three months off, but please make an effort to come.   

The registration form will be emailed and put on the website by August 15, 2019. More information is also available on the website: https//www.collersociety.org

See you in Ann Arbor!

Erica and Ken, Jackie and Rick, Barb and Skip