Resident Research Awards

2016 The Artificial Placenta: Does Lung Development Continue during Extracorporeal Support?
   Joseph T. Church, M.D.
   University of Michigan
   Ann Arbor, Michigan
2015 Generation of Functional Insulin-Producing Cells from Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Human Intestinal Tissue
   Priya Dedhia, M.D.
   University of Michigan
   Ann Arbor, Michigan
2014 Development of a Clinically Applicable Fully Endoluminal Small Bowel Device for Intestinal Lengthening
   Farokh Demehri, M.D.
   University of Michigan
   Ann Arbor, Michigan
2013 A Randomized Trial of Pain Control with Continuous Wound Catheters Versus Epidural Analgesia in Colorectal Surgery
   Stefan W. Leichtle, M.D.
   St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
   Ann Arbor, Michigan
2012 Postoperative Surgical Site Infections after Incisional Ventral Hernia Repair - A Propensity Matched Comparison of Open and Laparoscopic Techniques
   Christodoulos Kaoutzanis, M.D.
   St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
   Ann Arbor, Michigan
2011 MiR-675 Overexpression in AFP-secreting HCC
   Whalen Clark, M.D.
   Moffitt Cancer Center
   Tampa, Florida
2010 The Serotonin Re-Uptake Transporter Alters Intestinal Mucosal Architecture in Mice
   Erica R. Gross, M.D.
   Morgan Stanley's Children's Hospital
   Columbia University
2010 Hospital Characteristics Associated with Failure to Rescure in High Risk Surgery
   Amir A. Ghaferi, M.D., M.S.
   University of Michigan
2009 Improving Outcomes in Sepsis by Implementation of a Sepsis Initiative
   L. Marco Hoesel, M.D.
   St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor
2008 Ketone Resuscitation Improves Cardiac Contractility After Hemorrhagic Shock In A Swine Model
   Rachit D. Shah, M.D.
   William Beaumont Hospital
2007 Platelet Function Normalizes Sooner Than Expected Following Discontinuation of Chronic Clopidogrel or Aspirin Prophylaxis
   Zulfiqar Cheema, M.D.
   William Beaumont Hospital
2006 Ketone Resuscitation Improves Survival and Decreases Ischemic Reperfusion (I/R) Injury in the Intestine after Hemorrhagic Shock in a Rat Model
   Nabil Tariq, M.D.
   William Beaumont Hospital, Wayne State University
2005 Breast Cancer Management Changes Resulting from Case Review at a Comprehensive Cancer Center
   Erika A. Newman, M.D.
   University of Michigan
2004 Survival of Severe Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia has Morbid Consequences
   Raul A. Cortes, M.D.
   University of California San Francisco
2003 Induction of Angiogenesis by a Truncated Recominant PAI-l Protein
   Erin Rowell, M.D.
   Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
2002 Enhancement of Human Dendirtic Cell-Based Tumor Vaccines through Chemokine Gene Modification
   Alicia Terando, M.D.
   University of Michigan
2001 An Oncolytic Herpes Virus Selectively Destroys Colon Carcinoma
   Timothy Pawlik, M.D., MPH
   University of Michigan
2000 High Pressure Ventilation Injury Results in Increased Lung Cytokine Production
   Steven R. Posner, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1999 Partial Respiratory Supoprt with an Artifical Lung Perfused by the Right Ventricle: Chronic Studies in an Active Animal Model
   William Lynch, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1998 Evaluation of an Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device Utilizing Selective Hemodiafiltration in an Animal Model of Hepatic Failure
   Samir S. Awad, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1997 Loss of Expression of the Apoptosis Mediating Protein FAS in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
   Steven J. Hughes, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1996 Perfluorocarbon Partial Liquid Ventilation Improves Gas Exchange While Increasing Diminished Functional Residual Capacity in an Animal Model of Acute Lung Injury
   Paul G. Gauger, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1995 Fluconazole Increases Bactericidal Activity of Neotrophils
   Siddharth Bass, M.D.
   University of South Florida
1994 Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (1GF-1) Enhances Reversal of Diabetes by Fetal Pancreas Isografts (FP)
   Gregg A. Adams, M.D.
   Stanford University
1993 Perfluorocarbon Ventilation Improves Alveolar Recruitment and Pulmonary Compliance in the Setting of Atelectasis
   Richard N. Tooley, M.D.
   SJMH, Ann Arbor
   University of Michigan
1992 Dual Pathways Regulate Neurite Outgrowth in Enteric Neurons
   Diane M. Simeone, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1991 Hypoxia-Induced Bacterial Translocation in the Puppy
   Joseph L. Lelli, Jr., M.D.
   SJMH, Ann Arbor
   University of Michigan
1990 31p NMR Spectroscopy in Transient Warm Hepatic Ischemia Following Glucocortoid Administration
   William F. Marterre, Jr., M.D.
   University of Kentucky
1989 The Role of TNF in the Pathophysiologic Alterations Following Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion
   Lisa Colletti, M.D.
   University of Michigan
1988 Hypothermia Induced Blood Coagulopathy in Pigs
   David Staab, M.D.
   Victor Sorenson, M.D.
   Henry Ford Hospital
1987 Factors Affecting Rapid Fluid Resuscitation with Large-Bore Catheter Introducers
   Scott Stevens, M.D.
   University of Tennessee
1986 Myocardia and Serum Calcium Flux During Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation: Effects of Cardiovascular Performance
   William R. Fry, M.D.
   University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas
1985 Cardiopulmonary Effects of the Pneumatic Anti-Schock Garment (PASG) on Swine with Diaphragmatic Hernia
   Grace Rozycki, M.D.
   University of Tennessee