Resident Research Awards

Coller Surgical Society

1985 - Present

Award Recipients

  • Brian Fry, MD, MS

    University of Michigan

    Long-term Outcomes Following Open, Laparoscopic, and Robotic-assisted Ventral Hernia Repair

  • William James Melvin, MD

    University of Michigan

    Coronavirus Induces Diabetic Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation via IFNb Regulation of SETDB2

  • Zachary Senders

    University Hospitals, Cleveland Medical Center

    Improved Therapeutic Efficacy of T-Cells Derived from Human Pancreatic Cancer Draining Lymph Nodes in Combination with Immune Modulators in a Xenograft Model of Metastatic Human Pancreatic Cancer

  • Joseph T. Church, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    The Artificial Placenta: Does Lung Development Continue during Extracorporeal Support?

  • Priya Dedhia, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Generation of Functional Insulin-Producing Cells from Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Human Intestinal Tissue

  • Farokh Demehri, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Development of a Clinically Applicable Fully Endoluminal Small Bowel Device for Intestinal Lengthening

  • Stefan W. Leichtle, M.D.

    St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor

    A Randomized Trial of Pain Control with Continuous Wound Catheters Versus Epidural Analgesia in Colorectal Surgery

  • Christodoulos Kaoutzanis, M.D.

    St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor

    Postoperative Surgical Site Infections after Incisional Ventral Hernia Repair - A Propensity Matched Comparison of Open and Laparoscopic Techniques

  • Whalen Clark, M.D.

    Moffitt Cancer Center

    MiR-675 Overexpression in AFP-secreting HCC

  • Erica R. Gross, M.D.

    Morgan Stanley's Children's Hospital

    Columbia University

    The Serotonin Re-Uptake Transporter Alters Intestinal Mucosal Architecture in Mice

    Amir A. Ghaferi, M.D., M.S.

    University of Michigan

    Hospital Characteristics Associated with Failure to Rescure in High Risk Surgery

  • L. Marco Hoesel, M.D.

    St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor

    Improving Outcomes in Sepsis by Implementation of a Sepsis Initiative

  • Rachit D. Shah, M.D.

    William Beaumont Hospital

    Ketone Resuscitation Improves Cardiac Contractility After Hemorrhagic Shock In A Swine Model

  • Zulfiqar Cheema, M.D.

    William Beaumont Hospital

    Platelet Function Normalizes Sooner Than Expected Following Discontinuation of Chronic Clopidogrel or Aspirin Prophylaxis

  • Nabil Tariq, M.D.

    William Beaumont Hospital, Wayne State University

    Ketone Resuscitation Improves Survival and Decreases Ischemic Reperfusion (I/R) Injury in the Intestine after Hemorrhagic Shock in a Rat Model

  • Erika A. Newman, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Breast Cancer Management Changes Resulting from Case Review at a Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Raul A. Cortes, M.D.

    University of California San Francisco

    Survival of Severe Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia has Morbid Consequences

  • Erin Rowell, M.D.

    Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

    Induction of Angiogenesis by a Truncated Recominant PAI-l Protein

  • Alicia Terando, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Enhancement of Human Dendirtic Cell-Based Tumor Vaccines through Chemokine Gene Modification

  • Timothy Pawlik, M.D., MPH

    University of Michigan

    An Oncolytic Herpes Virus Selectively Destroys Colon Carcinoma

  • Steven R. Posner, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    High Pressure Ventilation Injury Results in Increased Lung Cytokine Production

  • William Lynch, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Partial Respiratory Supoprt with an Artifical Lung Perfused by the Right Ventricle: Chronic Studies in an Active Animal Model

  • Samir S. Awad, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Evaluation of an Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device Utilizing Selective Hemodiafiltration in an Animal Model of Hepatic Failure

  • Steven J. Hughes, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Loss of Expression of the Apoptosis Mediating Protein FAS in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

  • Paul G. Gauger, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Perfluorocarbon Partial Liquid Ventilation Improves Gas Exchange While Increasing Diminished Functional Residual Capacity in an Animal Model of Acute Lung Injury

  • Siddharth Bass, M.D.

    University of South Florida

    Fluconazole Increases Bactericidal Activity of Neotrophils

  • Gregg A. Adams, M.D.

    Stanford University

    Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (1GF-1) Enhances Reversal of Diabetes by Fetal Pancreas Isografts (FP)

  • Richard N. Tooley, M.D.

    SJMH, Ann Arbor

    University of Michigan

    Perfluorocarbon Ventilation Improves Alveolar Recruitment and Pulmonary Compliance in the Setting of Atelectasis

  • Diane M. Simeone, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    Dual Pathways Regulate Neurite Outgrowth in Enteric Neurons

  • Joseph L. Lelli, Jr., M.D.

    SJMH, Ann Arbor

    University of Michigan

    Hypoxia-Induced Bacterial Translocation in the Puppy

  • William F. Marterre, Jr., M.D.

    University of Kentucky

    31p NMR Spectroscopy in Transient Warm Hepatic Ischemia Following Glucocortoid Administration

  • Lisa Colletti, M.D.

    University of Michigan

    The Role of TNF in the Pathophysiologic Alterations Following Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion

  • David Staab, M.D.

    Victor Sorenson, M.D.

    Henry Ford Hospital

    Hypothermia Induced Blood Coagulopathy in Pigs

  • Scott Stevens, M.D.

    University of Tennessee

    Factors Affecting Rapid Fluid Resuscitation with Large-Bore Catheter Introducers

  • William R. Fry, M.D.

    University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas

    Myocardia and Serum Calcium Flux During Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation: Effects of Cardiovascular Performance

  • Grace Rozycki, M.D.

    University of Tennessee

    Cardiopulmonary Effects of the Pneumatic Anti-Schock Garment (PASG) on Swine with Diaphragmatic Hernia

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