Our History

Coller Surgical Society

The Frederick A. Coller Surgical Society is a fellowship of surgeons whose training has been influenced by the legacy and principles of Dr. Coller, a pioneer in the history of academic surgery. It was established in 1947 by his loving and grateful former residents to honor him and further the principles which he embodied.

Promoting of The Arts and Science of Surgery   ●   Fostering Education   ●   Perpetuating Friendships

Promoting of The Arts and Science of Surgery
Fostering Education
Perpetuating Friendships


Dr. Frederick A. Coller

Dr. Coller arrived at the University of Michigan in 1920 from Harvard, WWI and private practice to assume an Assistant Professorship in the Department of Surgery with then Chief, Hugh Cabot. His goal was to graduate “practicing surgeons into Michigan to look after sick people”. He taught that “achievement came only through hard work and perseverance” and he “growled at mediocrity”.

He assumed and maintained the Chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan from 1930 - 1957 when he relocated to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, to continue teaching until his death in 1964. Not only did he advance patient care and basic science research, but also completely restructured the format of the American surgical residency.

Our Impact

The Surgical Society Today

The Society sponsors Clinical Meetings in which members and residents present scholarly research in a relaxed atmosphere, and, with our families, enjoy the renewal of old and the creation of new friendships.

The members have established the Frederick A. Coller Professorship, the William J. Fry Professorship, and the Moses Gunn Research Professorship, and The Society continues to support the formation of new academic appointments. From its inception the Society has offered Coller Clinical Tours (est. 1949) for trainees to visit other institutions for exposure to alternative surgical perspectives. The members have presented the Jobst Coller Vascular Award (est. 1972) and Coller Resident Research Award (est. 1985) at the Clinical Meetings for outstanding investigative work.

The Society has awarded several Coller Research Fellowships (est. 1993) in support of resident and young faculty research. Since 2000 prominent surgeons have delivered the Richard E. Fry Memorial Lecture at the Clinical Meeting to honor Dick Fry, a highly respected former member.

The Frederick A. Coller Surgical Society has continued to evolve with its membership, always remaining true to the tenets of its namesake.

The Founding Members

  • Adie, George
  • Bagley, Elizabeth
  • Bailey, Russell
  • Barker, Howard
  • Bartlett, Robert
  • Berry, Robert
  • Bishop, H. Mortimer
  • Blain, Alexander III
  • Boyden, Allen
  • Bryant, LeRoy
  • Bulmer, Daniel
  • Burk, Lloyd
  • Byron, Francis
  • Campbell, Darrell
  • Carpenter, Luther
  • Castillo, Rafael
  • Clary, Rudolph
  • Conger, Kyril
  • Crook, Clarence
  • DeWeese, Bill
  • Eberbach, Carl
  • Farris, Jack
  • Ferguson, James
  • Finton, Robert
  • Fuller, William
  • Hayes, Mark
  • Hershey, Charles
  • Husted, F. Pitkin
  • Jackson, Howard
  • Jackson, Richard
  • Kahn, Edgar
  • Kay, Earle
  • Keene, Clifford
  • Kurcz, Joseph
  • Lange, Henry
  • Lee, Lyndon
  • Logie, James
  • MacIntyre, Dugald
  • McDonnell, Curti
  • McIntyre, Charles
  • McRae, Colin
  • McVay, Chester
  • Maclean, Kenneth
  • Maddock, Walter
  • Malcolm, Karl
  • Malcolm, Russell
  • Middleton, Edwin
  • Moore, Gordon
  • Morris, Ross
  • Musselman, Merle M. (Jim)
  • Nadal, Joseph
  • Northway, Robert
  • Patton, Robert
  • Pierce, Kenneth
  • Power, Frank
  • Rees, Vincent
  • Rife, Sherrill
  • Singleton, Albert Jr.
  • Stewart, Wayne
  • Sutler, Martin
  • Thieme, E. Thurston
  • Thomas, Naugle
  • Valk, William
  • Vaughn, Herbert
  • Wellman, John
  • Winslow, Sherwood

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